Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Will You Do More of in 2012?

For me, I will have more compassion for others.  It is easy to judge other people, blame systems, and throw people under the proverbial bus.  Yesterday was one of those days where everything that could be asked of you in a human resources role was asked of you.  Or, rather, me.  By 12:30, I just had to laugh as the next punch came in. 

One of the people I helped was a widow who was not helped by anyone else.  A young widow.  It could have been me, or any of my friends, whose husbands enjoy sporting in Wyoming.  She was angry and I gave her an outlet.  Then I provided answers, via other people that I've helped before and made connections with, but when I met with her and she hugged me for being the only person who seemed to want to help, I knew that I simply have to live my life with more compassion.  My life is pretty damn easy these days, and it's easy to forget the struggles that you can be given without much notice. 

As the day wrapped up, I was able to talk to my co-chair on my dissertation committee.  She was energetic and positive, and in turn, she gave me the courage and the energy to move forward on my dissertation.  I believe it's true, you get what you give.

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