Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Equality is Still a Myth

Today my dissertation topic was validated.  I can't believe that women are still holding back woman's rights.  I fail to see how the "I was punished and made it through - now YOU have to be punished and make it through" philosophy serves anyone any good.  I'm enraged, quite frankly, about the lack of empathy that some women display when other women reach out for help.  And I must say, I'm really proud of one man today who stood right there with me, believing that women need to be advanced right alongside of men. And it wasn't even my husband, who always stands beside me for women's rights. 

This is a different world.  And some companies are falling behind.  It's no longer enough to offer people jobs.  You have to nurture them, find ways to engage them, and otherwise help them develop to advance business objectives.  The companies that don't are going to fall behind. 

I'm sad that my voice goes unheard when I'm trying to help other women.  But I'm going to stand loud and proud to promote the rights of all people in an organization.  I'm no longer afraid.  I may not have much influence, but I can at least be proud to say what I believe.  And someday, I will have the credentials to be heard, to make the difference.  Until then, I'm going to fight a good, strong, fair fight.  That's all I can do.  Stay strong, women, because you can do it, too. 

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