Saturday, March 24, 2012

Opening Up The Door ...

This is it.  We've opened up the door to our new life!  This is our new house, a mere 2 weeks away from closing.  A brand new house, a brand new opportunity.  We've been in Reno over 2 weeks now, and I can say with utmost certainty, casino life has grown old.  But our new jobs are wonderful, beyond anything we thought possible.  I almost feel like I need therapy for the abuse we endured in a growing corporation, under people who didn't fully respect or understand our contributions.  Our new companies have treated us really well.  It is a big adjustment, us not working together, for the first time since we met.  We shared the same companies twice, and the challenges, the personalities, the successes, the setbacks, we don't have that common denominator anymore. 

For me, working from home has always been a dream.  I manage my own time.  And I love my new job!  It is, by far, the smallest company I have ever worked for, at only 80 employees.  Everyone is virtual and scattered across the country, but I have felt such a strong sense of community that already I'm in love with it!  I almost want to be scared that I jumped off the corporate train where I made almost six figures for my expertise, with unlimited advancement potential, but the last couple of years were nothing but drudgery for us.  We no longer belonged to an organization that believed in having fun, building relationships, and treating people like family, it had become an organization that insisted on profit and cost savings, at the expense of loyalty and happiness.  I have potential to earn even more than I did there, with the autonomy to pursue my PhD with gusto, my food passions, my writing, volunteering at a local farm.  It's all so exciting and positive that I can't be scared, I have to be hopeful and jubilant for the future.