Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Road Ahead

So we're moving to Reno, Nevada.  I never thought my dear husband would leave Wyoming, but it's happening.  He got the opportunity of a lifetime, and well, now so do I.  It's gratifying to know that you work hard and people want you to stay, but even more gratifying that other people want you to be successful too. 

I get to work from home, one of my all-time dreams.  I can work on writing and cooking projects, finish my PhD, and still have a satisfying career helping other people.  It's the best of all worlds that I never thought I'd be able to have.  Today we started the moving process, de-cluttering a few closets, fixing a leak in a shower, and checking up on the house listings we've saved.  I'm so excited for our new adventure, even though I probably will delay my PhD graduation date again.  But it's all good.

I also made a decision to adopt a dog.  Last night I was convinced I wanted to buy a German Shepherd puppy, but after seeing the price tag of $3500 for a "well-bred" dog, I came to my senses and went to the animal shelter website.  There are so many beautiful dogs needing good homes, and I'm going to find one.  I will have the time, love, and energy to give to rescuing a dog, and will probably opt for an older dog, one who will be my companion, if only for a short time.  It's the right thing to do.  I have not had a dog in over 7 years, and I miss it.  

So as we make plans for our new life, I can't help but feel gratitude for our new opportunity, humility for everyone who's provided a reference for me, and excitement for the wonderful team I will be joining soon.  Life is good, and will only continue to get better. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winds of Change

So I'm making tamales and inviting friends over for a celebratory dinner.  I went to Dr. Mike's for some libation ingredients, and as I pulled out of the parking lot, Scorpions' Wind Of Change started playing.  Appro-po. (Spell check never gives me this word!). 

Indeed, the winds of change have arrived for the Johnsons.  I am so proud of my husband, and I can't wait for our new adventure in life.  Many conversations to have, lots of plans to make, but this is one exciting freakin' weekend.  As I made tamales, watched our beloved Cowboys lose, and reflected on all that is great in our life, I realized that it only gets better from here.  You see, while I'm a cynic, I am also an eternal optimist.  I always believe that the road ahead is better than any we leave behind.

I embrace change, always have, because it's always brought me to better places.  My dissertation topic is also changing - again - I know, if you're reading this, you are hardly shocked, but I'm exploring a new learning theory - connectivism and social media.  Exciting as freakin' hell!  And the fact that life is going to get even more interesting, buckle up, baby, this is one hell of a ride!  As the sun sets on our life in Wyoming, I can't feel anything but utter gratitude for our friends here, and the friends we have yet to make.  Cheers!