Sunday, May 20, 2012

Catching Up ...

So it's a lazy Sunday, and I love lazy Sundays.  The weather is beautiful, yet somehow we are holed up in our house, with the blinds shut (blinds that I paid for, but didn't really want, who doesn't love sunshine streaming more windows than I ever thought possible, except my husband who claims he can't see the TV and it's making the house too hot - which for me, is not possible).  I have a roast falling apart tender in the oven as we speak, chili-rubbed, waiting for tacos or enchiladas, or some carb-addition that I vowed not to eat, but at the same time, it's Sunday and I've been losing weight, I'm eating tortillas tonight.  Where am I going with this?

Oh, yeah, so my posts have been rather lax the past few months.  I think I'm finally settled into a new life, not constantly looking over my shoulder for a boss trying to find fault in my awesome work, not throwing up over the lame restaurants, or drinking myself into numbing bliss, but rather, enjoying a third, well, I'll call it promotion, at my new job, it's really a third hat to wear, and relishing a weekend full of good restaurants, baseball, and Lake Tahoe.  And a house that is a manageable size, even though I still hire someone to clean it.  I'm not superwoman.  And I figure, I'm drinking a whole lot less now, and I am done buying stilettos.  I live life in flip flops, when I bother to wear shoes at all.  One fun fact about working at home is that I don't wear shoes, and sometimes don't leave my house for days on end.  Sure, I risk becoming an eccentric hermit, but I save money in expensive heels. 

So I have three more PhD classes to go, and two semesters of dissertation writing.  I ought to be done in a year.  A year.  Then what will I do?  Well, I guess I need to find a dissertation topic lest I go ABD.  Since my third hat at my job will be an eLearning specialist, I think that's my answer - part of the answer, the other part is narrowing it down enough to write 200 pages and actually conduct the research.  I'm kinda over it.  But I'm too close to give it up now, like I almost did twice now.  Plus, the thought of updating my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles with "Cyndi Johnson, PhD." and making people call me Dr. Cyn really keeps me going.  It's the vanity, really. 

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